Healthcare Is A Right, Not A Privilege

Dominique believes that access to healthcare is a human right. Not only do Tennesseans need access to healthcare but we deserve affordable healthcare. Dominique will advocate and support legislation to expand Medicaid. The expansion of Medicaid would allow for those who don’t qualify for TennCare or the Affordable Care Act to also become insured. 

Quality Education That Leads to Quality Jobs

Dominique believes that every child deserves access to the highest quality of education. This means that we must tackle the issues of inequity that our students face. The answer to better schools is fully funding all school districts. We know when our schools are better, our workforce becomes stronger.

Safer Communities To Live, Work, and Play

Dominique is an advocate for safer communities for families, children, and businesses. Our communities need common sense gun laws, an investment against blight, more positive collaboration between our law enforcement, community members, and government, and stronger criminal justice reform for our neighbors.

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